You are at a loss why the security of an apartment in Kyiv costs from 300 UAH / month and houses from 400 UAH / month?

Do you want to pay only for the services you received?

A1 Security Group understands and cares about the residents of Kyiv. Our employees have developed a special offer:


  • Security for a month will cost as much as 3 cups of coffee- 99 UAH / month!
  • Departure to the alarm – 350 UAH. There are up to 2 real cases of anxiety a year!


By simple calculation, we get the result: 1900 UAH / year. Of these, 12 months for 99 UAH and 2 departures for 350 UAH (which may not be).


The standard subscription fee for apartment security in Kyiv is 350 UAH, and for house security, it is 550 UAH. In a year it is at least 4200 UAH, which is more than 2 times!


Using the services of A1 Security Group, you get:


  • The benefit of using apartment security services is more than 50%.
  • Full confidence in the protection of their property. We don’t have holidays, weekends, or even a quarantine!